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Jamie & Tara's Backyard Rink 2010

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  • Lyndon McFate's rink building tip:
    "I have a NiceRink 20x40 starter kit in it's 3rd season. The kids really enjoy it! I didn't want to put holes in the liner by stapling it to the 12" high plywood boards, so once the liner was in place, and draped over the boards, I used the standard white vinyl "J" channel used home vinyl siding installations. It comes in 12 foot lengths and is relatively inexpensive to buy at your local home center. It's perfect for keeping the liner from blowing around in the wind, and helps protect it from skate and stick tears, as the kids step in and out of the rink."

  • Al Duncan's rink location tip:
    "BEWARE - BEWARE - Steer clear of any septic lines when considering where to place your rink. I thought having a front yard rink would be great fun for our kids and provide hours of fun for relatively little funds. $12,000 later I now have a new septic system and septic bed replacing the one that I ruined by saturating the ground with water. Once the spring thaw comes any excessive water in the ground can move the tiles in a septic bed rendering your system useless. Frost is your enemy in these situations."

  • Don Storer's rink building tips:
    • "On very cold nights (below 10 degress F), shovel the rink as usual, then use your leaf blower... starting in the middle and working outwards. Then shovel again to get the remaining snow which will be fine and heavy. You will get amazing results when you resurface as there is less snow to melt."
    • "Best trick to add two weeks of life. I am from MI but a Canadian buddy told me this trick. On the boards the sun hits in the afternoon, pack in snow along the boards each morning then shovel as the sun is going down or when you get home from work. That edge will not melt. I've had skates as late as March 21st in lower MI when most of my buddies are done by end of Feb."
    • "Pee. May sound weird, but deer like to get an easy drink. While the water is just starting to freeze, pee around the outside of the boards. This will detract animals."

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