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Amy Farrugia's Backyard Rink 2012

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  • Ben Gabriel's rink building tip:
    "After I frame out my rink, but before I lay down the tarp, I run a 100ft dog run from two trees (or whatever tall objects are present) 10ft off the ground and across the long way. Then I electric tape a power chord and drop 3 outdoor spotlights from it, one over each goal and one at center ice. I also string it with big bulb Christmas lights and it is perfect for night-time pickup games and resurfacing."

  • Al Duncan's rink location tip:
    "BEWARE - BEWARE - Steer clear of any septic lines when considering where to place your rink. I thought having a front yard rink would be great fun for our kids and provide hours of fun for relatively little funds. $12,000 later I now have a new septic system and septic bed replacing the one that I ruined by saturating the ground with water. Once the spring thaw comes any excessive water in the ground can move the tiles in a septic bed rendering your system useless. Frost is your enemy in these situations."

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