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Alma College Backyard Rink 2005/06
Alma, MI  USA

January 2006

90' x 50'



Jake Acton, Ryan Hampton and Lucas Locke write:

"We decided to build an ice rink on our college campus. We found a nice big semi - flat spot (the band practice field). We used the instructions on this site to make a rink with a liner. We went to Home Depot and bought three rolls of construction plastic that were 100x20. We connected them together by overlapping them by a foot and using this strong spray adhesive and duct tape. This has seemed to work well, although there have been some leaks so next year we think we will roll the seams and use it as a base, then double up with a second liner.

We then made a fence around the perimiter and decided to go 90' by 50' because of the amount of plastic we got - which has turned out to be a great size. We then stapled the liner to the fence and bought a truck full of water to fill her up. We set the pieces of the fence up so that it can be taken down and stored so that it can be put back up again next year rather easily. Next year we might get some plywood to make higher fences and would like to try putting in some lines or a center logo.

The weather has been so mild that we've had a hard time getting time to skate. Everytime the ice gets real good it melts again. We are having some nice cold weather now though, so hopefully it stays awhile."

Nice job guys. Looks like you had a ton of fun building it. Thanks for the pics.


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