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The McPhail Family's Backyard Rink 2002/03
Thunder Bay, ON Canada


January 2003

Brent writes: 
"My wife Jennifer, (whose uncle happens to be Rudy Migay, a former Maple Leaf during the original 6  years), and I always wanted to have land with water on it.  In October 1994 she looked at some semi-rural property that was for sale while I was working.  My job at the time was ironically a rink attendant at the Grandview Arena in Thunder Bay, ON. We purchased the land immediately and in 1998 we built our home on it.
Our son Derek, who is now 6, is a huge hockey fan as am I.  We have spent countless hours playing hockey downstairs (as you can tell by the puck marks on the wall), at the indoor rinks in the city and of course on our backyard rink.  Our daughter, Kristiann (2yrs) works really hard at trying to keep up with her big brother and I'm sure she will be able to skate quite well next season.
We made our first rink on the river last year and this year we made it quite a bit larger.  This year the rink measures approximately 150' long and about 28-30' wide.  Having a rink this big is a tremendous amount of work, but the pros of having one right in the yard definitely outweigh the cons. 

With the larger size also comes worklights for night games, end boards (2' high), official size nets, and two plywood goalies (built by the elves and delivered by Santa).  We also have a hand drawn "ice-resurfacer" that we use to hotwater flood.
I am not sure whether our "Muddy Water Rink", as we have named it will make the cut, but we all (friends and relatives included) get hours of exercise and enjoyment from it."

Great job and thanks for the pic Brent.



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