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Chris Schneider's Backyard Rink 2003/04
Burlington, NJ  USA

January 2004
11' x 18'

Chris writes:

"Great site and an inspiration. I've been visiting your site a couple years now now and again. I have always wanted my own rink, for myself and my two boys (5 and 4).

I've been waiting for the boys to be ready to skate. Our yard isn't huge, so we didn't have a lot of options on location. The rink almost wound up in the front yard. I killed that idea, being a rookie, I wanted to save myself some frustration dealing with a double slope. The back yard also had a slope to deal with. So I thought for a moment...where's the most level location in our yard...our deck.

And that's where it wound up.

I put the Deck-Rink up this past Thursday evening (Jan.22,2004). Filled it that evening with about 4 inches of water. Followed by another 2 inches the following night. The boys were skating by Saturday. Thanks to the cold weather we've had.

I've even installed night lights, to keep the fun going into the evening.

Seeing how excited the boys are, I took a look at the backyard again, and I think I'm going to try building a platform to have a much larger rink next year (approx. 25ft x 16ft).

Oh, and a great benefit of having the rink on the deck...the hot tub is right next to the rink. So when your done skating, just take the skates off and jump right in.

Believe it or not this rink is in Burlington New Jersey, USA...yes New Jersey on the East Coast.

Size: 11' X 18'
Materials: 2x8's, metal brackets, 6mm plastic liner, water"

Very unique rink. Thanks for the pic Chris.



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