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Dan Costantini's Backyard Rink 2002/03
Newmarket, ON  Canada

December, 2002

Dan writes:
"This is my 3rd attempt, but this is my first attempt at this new house location. The rink is exactly 40 feet long and 18 feet wide. The picture was taken earlier today (Dec 7, 2002). The boards are all pressure treated 2 x 8 x 10 feet, and I have placed 2 x 2 inch inserts of various lengths (2 feet to 6 feet) at various points under the 2 x 8 boards in those spots where I had depressions in the lawn. The thinnest point has about 3 inches of ice, and the deepest has about 10 inches of ice.

The liner is 6mil poly and came in a roll of 100ft long by 10ft wide. I cut the liner in half and joined the 2 sections with "red tuck tape" on both sides (overlapped by about 3 inches) and did all this in the basement. No acoustic sealant was used and the liner held beautifully. The stapling was done with a staple gun, and using small pieces of cardboard (1 inch square) for support (this was a great tip). The boards are joined with thin steel plates using galvanized steel bolts (the same for the corner angles).

The frame was prepared and installed at the 3rd week of November 2002, and then the liner was placed in the frame Sun Dec 1st and flooded for 5 hours (we had a terrific 4 day cold-spell just starting). I continued to layer the water on the surface each night 3 more nights, and we had our first skate on Thurs Dec 4.

I have 3 kids and I can't seem to keep them off the rink."

Thanks for the picture Dan.



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