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Dave DeNardis's Backyard Rink 2004/05
Hamilton, ON  Canada

December 2005

Dave writes:

"My son, who is 5, asked me if we could have ice in our yard? I started to remember my childhood and how much fun we had in my friends yard. I couldn't just say no!

I figured with the slope of my yard it would be very difficult. I did a search on the Internet and found your website. The ideas and tips were so helpful, I decided to go ahead and try.

I found a great 20x30 white tarp and decided to build my board structure accordingly. I started small my first attempt. There is lots of room to go bigger but the slope will be a real challenge. With a line level I found that the centre of my yard only has an 8" slope. I bought some true 1"x12" pine board at Home Depot (only $6.95 for 8') and in Late November, I built the structure.

In the middle of December I layed down the tarp and flooded it. Worked better that I had hoped. There is 10" in the deep end and 2" in the shallow. Just like the line level told me.

We skated 5 days straight morning and afternoon when the weather turned cold. My son has been absolutely broken hearted about the warm weather we have had to start January. The temperature has taken its toll on the ice. It looks very bumpy. I hope when the weather turns cold this weekend a good flooding will take care of it.

Once again a big thanks.

UPDATE (Jan 14, 2005):
Amazing! We had a 19 degree warm-up here in Hamilton, Ontario and I didn't lose a drop of water. The ice now looks glass smooth and almost ready to skate on once again. I have become the envy of my neighbours and have passed on your website to many of them. It has turned real cold and supposed to stay that way for at least 3 weeks. Yeah!!"

Nice job. Thanks for the pic Dave.



Last Updated on Mar 27, 2005