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Ed Rendell's Backyard Rink 2002
Hornepayne ON, Canada

January 2002

Ed's 4th. backyard rink in as many years is approx. 85' x 35'. He uses 3 lights (500 watt floods) for night skating. 

He has 2 kids aged 10 (boy) and 8 (girl) and they love this rink every year. He describes how he built his rink:

"I started with a snow base in the backyard 80' by 30'.  First compressing the snow with my snowmobile, then with snowshoes. I like to leave it overnite and soak it down the next day. I pump water with a 2" Yamaha gas pump, pumping water right out of the river which runs by my place. For the next seven days (less if it's colder than the -10C we have been having) I pump water and start building up the low spots. Like I said it took 9 days this year, but it's worth it, we had a great skate tonite, my boy loves his hockey and the daughter love to figure skate, me, I try both! Right after the kids went to bed, I did a scrape and flood. Looks great, super flat and level. the trick with the pump is, not too much water! just enough to cover, and never go over a spot you just sprayed, or you create slush by running fresh water into partly freezing water. 

I love to build a rink for the kids and their friends. As a final note:
Once you have the nice sheet of ice, the only maintenance is scraping and the occasional flood if it gets chewed up."

Thanks Ed for the pic and the info.



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