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Ed Robertson's Backyard Rink 2002/03
Belmont, ON Canada


January 2003

Ed writes: 
"Howard, this is my 3rd rink in 4 years (too mild in southwest Ontario last year).  This is the first year I used a liner.  Against better advice I simply bought a 20 by 40 blue tarp from Canadian Tire and used scrap 2x6's and 2x8's attached to spikes driven in the ground.  The tarp is draped over the boards and secured via 1x2x8' straping.  

One side of the yard is 9 inches higher and this caused me to resort to 
snow packing methods in the high corner to establish the base as the low side had hit its high water mark (9 inches of water compared to none in the high side).  A well timed snow fall allowed me to pack snow in the low corner to effectively raise its water accepting level.  As the rink stands today I have 14" in the low corner and about 5" on the high side. 

I water with a hose and use my laundry tub in my heated garage to enable me to use my cold water on full and my hot at 3/4 too give me a good warm-hot flood each night.  The rink has been playable since Christmas."

Ed has also sent along a short movie of his rink.

Great job Ed and thanks for the movie and the pic.



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