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Francois Masse's Backyard Rink 2005/06
Ottawa, ON  Canada

Winter 2006
30' x 30'



Francois writes:

"I have enjoyed looking at the rinks from various years that you have posted. Some are pretty elaborate. Your website is the best I've come across on the web for Backyard rinks.

This is my 3rd year at building a rink and every year I experiment a little more and improve on the previous year. This year's rink (30' x 30') is a little larger than last year's (30' x 24') as I managed to make some more room over the summer. Our first day of skating was Dec 19th 2005. I added boards and a fence to the rink this year as last year I ended up having to patch up my siding on the house from the holes the pucks made.

This year I decided not to imbed any hockey logos in the ice as I discovered last year that the sun tends to melt the ice above them. Instead, I plotted a whole slew of Canadian Hockey Team logos on paper posters and laminated them and placed them on the boards around the rink. I even put a press box poster on the kids tree house that overlooks the ice rink where with a karaoke machine one can call the game plays.

My son (Sébastien), hence the rink name, got up at 0600hrs and was on the ice practicing his shots.

My backyard rink was featured on TV last Wednesday (Feb 22). The Ottawa A-Channel Ken Evraire did a live sports broadcast from my backyard ring while the kids were skating on it. "

Nice rink Francois. Thanks for the pics.


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