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Howie Baker's Backyard Rink 2004/05
Almonte, ON  Canada

January 2005
56' x 24'


Howie writes: 

"I thought I'd send in a couple of pictures of our rink this year even though it does not compare with some I have seen in the past on your great web site for rinks.

The reason I built our back yard rink was for the sheer joy of skating and playing hockey for the whole family. There are no outdoor rinks in the nearby town or anywhere close to our home. I did not want my kids to miss out on Canadaís favourite pastime and the pure fun of playing shinny hockey and skating on an outdoor sheet of ice which I have very fond memories of when growing up. It is a safe place to learn how to skate for my youngest child (4 yrs) as well.

This is the second year building the rink. It is same size as before at 56X24 with a couple of improvements. Number one was to finish levelling the rink area. Had brought in a tri-axle load of sand last year and this year many loads of top soil (will grass seed in spring) all done by wheel-barrel whew! Second improvement was to replace the vapour barrier tarp with a good quality white coloured tarp to reflect the sunís rays and stop ice melting a long the edge of the boards. We have two nets and we have three 500 Watt lights for night skating.

Building the rink was tough work, but worth it in the end after seeing my kidís faces when they are out there having fun! Their friends and think it is pretty cool and they are over on the rink very often having fun too! My daughter tells me she wants her whole hockey team over for a day. Weíll need lots of hot chocolate and hot dogs.

Next year I will make more improvements, a warming shack maybe, who knows :o)

Thanks Howard for creating such a great web site."

This is a very good job Howie. Thanks for the pic.



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