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James Boisvert's Backyard Rink 2002/03
Whitewater, WI   USA

The 2003 "Best Backyard Rink" Contest Winner

It was even tougher picking the winner this year, but in the end how could I not choose James' rink. With it's perfect ice, different (yet functional) boards, wire backstops, scoreboard, jerseys and of course, the resurfacing machine. Honorable mention goes to Louis Francescutti's Rink and also Dan Olson's rink. Congratulations to all entrants.

January 2003
120' x 65'

James writes:

"I have been making ice for twelve years, pouring water into the ground of my 120' x 65' outdoor hockey rink. This year I purchased a liner from "NiceRink" and it has made a big difference in ice retention. Two years ago I purchased a used ice resurfacer and refurbished it over the summer and built a heated garage for it."

"I have 42" high boards on the side of the rink and 48" high boards on the net ends with wire backstops to deflect pucks. The games played on the rink are scored electronically with our very own lighted scoreboard. We have home and away jerseys with "Glacial Crest Cardinal" Logo on front."

"I live in southeastern Wisconsin, and at times it can be cold and we can get a ton of snow. The past few years hasn't been all that cold and we haven't gotten that much snow. That is the main reason for purchasing the liner. Too many thaws."

"Three generations of hockey players have been playing on my rink for years now, including former students that I have taught while they were in my Fifth Grade Class." 

"The resurfacer is a 1980's Olympia model that was found in northern
Wisconsin, in very bad shape and needing some TLC. It took some time, but that machine looks as good as new!"

All I can say James is WOW!!!  This rink is truly unbelievable.  You are probably the envy of every visitor to this page. Thanks for sending in your amazing rink pic.



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