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Jim Fritz's Backyard Rink 2006/07

December 2006

Jim writes:

"It was my 2nd year of putting the rink up. Last year was a 37 x 45 set up. This year I found out about the NiceRink system and went that direction. The dimensions are 45 x 90. I had two 500 watt lights up last year but with the bigger size this year added one more light post on the side with two lights last year and 3 new lights on the other for a total of six!

I had a buddy come out and level the ground for the most part but the two ends are about 10 inches higher then the lowest point in the middle of the rink so I have about 4 inches of ice in the ends and about 12-14 inches of ice in the middle. It took 55 hours of garden hose running to fill up (luckily on well system/not City water). Fire Dept will get a call next year for sure to help me.

Annabelle and Samantha are my two girls (5 and 6 years old) and love skating (figure skates for now, hockey maybe later). They do love NHL hockey thought, in fact both know all teams and nicknames already. They picked out their favorite teams and I hung up team logo flags on each of the 6 light posts to give the rink a little flare.

There is an unfinished room in the basement of the home I have made into the “warming house.” I am able to store all the hoses, flooder, hot chocolate maker, etc…

Early November is when I got all the boards and brackets up (ground not froze yet). Then on Nov 26th I put the liner in and weighted it down with pieces of firewood and started flooding about 5pm. It took two full days to fill up and then perfect timing with the temps the next day getting below freezing and 3 days later we were skating (Friday, Dec 1).

It certainly is fun putting together and keeping up throughout the season when you see family and friends out there.

60 x 120 next year…with 5 acres to work with I certainly have the space!"

Nice job Jim. Thanks for the pic.


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