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John Hoyt's Backyard Rink 2002/03
Claremont, New Hampshire   USA


December 2002
20' x 36'

John writes: "This is my first year building a rink. After 20 years I have found myself on skates again. This started out as just a project to give my four small kids something to do in the winter but, the whole family enjoys getting out on the ice.I can see that next year the preparation will start much sooner and the rink will be much bigger. 

I flooded the rink the first of December and we were skating 10 days later. It is 20 x 36 with a combination of 2x8's (deep end 6 inches thick) and 2x6's (shallow end 3-4 inches thick). The liner is a 24x100 6 mil which I folded in half for extra protection. We have 2 500 watt lights on 10ft poles for night time skating.  We also hung white rope lights around the inside border for added lighting. These are great when you turn the big lights off and skate under the stars.

We also had enough plastic left over to enclose our summer porch and make it into a warming hut using a propane heater. Three steps off the rink and you have a place to rest and warm up. I have four small kids (none had ever been on skates) and this has really turned into a real family activity."

Great job. Thanks for the pic John.



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