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Jeff Hutt's Backyard Rink 2006/07
South Mountain, ON  Canada

January 2007
Note the frame has been levelled.

37' x 30'

Jeff writes:

"This is the third year for the rink. Thought I had it mastered, but yet aging another year brings some problems. This year my liner slipped over the boards on one side, and on top of that, that same side the boards almost colapsed from the pressure of the water. Will need more support there next year. I was lucky as we got an extreme cold spell for a day and it all froze just in time. This rink measures 37 X 30, and is the maximum space I can get. I re-stained the boards white from yellow, looks much better I think. I noticed I did have a leak on the bad side as there is ice on the ground, not really sure what happenned there. Despite a couple problems the rink is done, and skating started December 8 2006 as my son had a couple friends here for a game of hockey. Their parents thought I was crazy when I called to invite them, but once they arrived they were surprised I was serious and skating season was now open. Here is a brief diary and pics. Also a big huge thank you to Howard, and to an awsome site. Followed your directions to a 'T' for my liner Howard, worked great!!!!

Oct 14 2006 - Put up boards in pouring rain. Restained the following week when it was not raining.

December 2 2006: Put liner together using 6mil vapour barrier, duct tape, and acoustic sealant. Started at 8:30PM, finished at 1am. Installed into the frame, turned on hose at 3AM. (We had a smoke and beverage break)

Decmber 3 2006 - Rink filled nicely, hose was on for about 10 hours. As with every year, got into a bit of trouble with wife for the hose being on so long.

December 6 2006 - there was is a layer of ice about 3 inches thick, but cannot walk on it yet. Noticed the liner slipping, and the boards leaning dangerously due to water pressure. Emailed Howard in a panick for advice. Decided to leave alone and hope the tempurature drops quickly.

December 7 2006 - Temp has dropped, everything has frozen nicely, problems solved. Did a quick flood to get a smooth skating surface. All looks good.

December 8 2006 - First skate of the season. 7 year old son and two of his friends play first game of outdoor hockey.

I think the rink has turned out nice, finally had a liner that worked, but still some lessons to be learned for next year. Everyone thought I was crazy and I was starting this project too early, thank God I proved them wrong. Here is to another rink season, as always next year will be better, and good luck to all for another great Canadian winter outdoors on the pond. And thank you Howard, great site you have."

Nice job Jeff. Thanks for the pics. Glad to have helped you build your rink. Loved the "getting in trouble with wife" part :)


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