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Jeff Hutt's Backyard Rink 2007/08
South Mountain, ON  Canada

Dec 2007

Jan 2008
37' x 30'

Jeff writes:

"This is the fourth rink that I have built here. This year has proven to be a great challenge as I suffered a very serious heart attack this past summer. Things, especially shovelling, take longer to do, and energy levels are not what they used to be. However, as frustrating as it is, the desire seems to be more intense, perhaps is more wanting to prove I can still do things. I think I have proven that. 39 is very young for a heart attack, but it also does not mean your life is over, at any age.

I had convinced myself that this was it, no more rinks. As any rink builder that visits this site knows, that is just a statement that should never be said aloud. There is too much fun that is had out on this rink, so I am thinking of ideas for next year. Our rink was also on the A-Channel News this year (Ottawa). The weather anchor, Bill Welychka (Formally of Much Music) came out at Thanksgiving to help put up the boards, and also returned for some skating, it was a blast! Kinda cool to see a lot of hard work on T.V. as well, my older son just loved it.

The weather has been very frustrating this year. Winters are becoming very strange I must say. I am not a total believer in global warming, but I will say that for rink building a liner is an absolute must. Is frustrating to get the rink back to skating shape only to have it rain again.

I couldn't resist with T.V. camera's coming to paint up the rink. Of course, it warmed up and the paint ran before the camera's got here. Luckily it was snowing the day they were here. Here is an interesting read about rink painting.

Very happy with this years rink, not the weather, and looking forward to next year.

Awesome job Jeff. Great inspirational words. Hope all is well with you and your family. Thanks for the pictures.


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