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James Marshall's Backyard Rink 2008/09
Peachland, BC  Canada

Dec, 2008
40' x 70'


James writes:

"Hi Howard,

They say you can take the boy out of Saskatchewan but you can’t take the Saskatchewan out of the boy!

I have been looking at your site for a couple of years now and thought you might enjoy the photo’s I’ve taken from this years rendition of the “Marshall Rink”. We live in Peachland, BC and usually only have about 2-6 weeks of decent weather for making and maintaining a rink. This is the 4th year that I have made our rink. The first 2 were very challenging because we used good old mother earth for our base. It took a long time to get any kind of ice and when we finally did it only lasted about 2 weeks. It have to say it was well worth the effort even just to have those 2 weeks. Two years ago we increased the size to 40 x 70, put in a concrete pad and put up boards and lights for those evening games. This year we also did a little more finishing around the top of the boards and added Sport Grid tiles for the base in a Hockey theme. The Sport Grid gives us the all year enjoyment now as in the summer the kids roller blade all day, and I’ve found it is easier to flood in the winter. Next years edition will see the completion of the chain link around the tops of the boards and the addition of our boot/skate, change house. Having grown up in Saskatchewan it has always been my dream to have a nice big rink on my property here in the sunny Okanagan.

I hope you enjoy the photos."

Wow, what a nice rink. The floor idea is perfect. Thanks for the pictures.


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