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James Rankin's Backyard Rink 2003/04
Brooklin, ON  Canada

January 2004

James writes:

"Thanks to some prodding from some friends and also your site our family decided to build a rink in our backyard this year.

We suffer from a very small yard, a poorly placed tree (didn't consider the rink this past summer) and a terrible grade in the land.

We first attempted to create the rink Saturday January 10. Mis-use of the level (our frame was completely useless), and a terrible job on joining two sheets of vapour barrier proved to be our downfall.

The next day re-construction of the frame and the purchase of 20' wide vapour barrier put us back on track, and by the evening of Monday the 12th, we were pouring in 5 hours worth of water.

Our rink is a mere 16' x 22' (our lot is only 40' wide). The north west corner has about 3" of water and the south east corner over 16"! You'll see the depth from the pic that I have submitted!

My son is only 4 and just beginning to skate. My three year old daughter is enjoying the 'bob-skates' this year. The size is great for the kids and I'm enjoying the opportunity to practice some stick handling without staring at the puck.

Thanks so much for your time on this site it was a huge inspiration. While we'll never get an ice-resurfacer or boards from the local community rink (I'll wallow in jealousy - maybe a move to the country is in our future) we'll get lots of enjoyment from our little piece of ice heaven.

We're already putting a plan in place for next year where my neighbour has a level 20 x 35' area to work with."

Looks great James. Thanks for the pic.



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