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Jason Thistle's Backyard Rink 2002/03
St. John's, NL Canada

January 2003
Scallywag Gardens


Future Leaf Draft Pick 2018

Jason is a from my neck of the woods.  He writes:

"We put our rink together in late December and had our first skate on new
years eve.  It s about 19 x 47...not much more room in our backyard.  A 6 mil liner covers the area and is attached to 2x 6's. About 10 inches of ice in the deep end and 3-4 in the shallow

Had to use bundled newspapers to hold the board higher in the deep sections.  Works great when you fill shopping bags with paper and lay board on them - heavy and will stay put.  I'll start saving my papers in about September of next year.  I'll also make sure that boards are level next the bubble...not the eye.  Water has a way of not forgiving my excitement to get the rink together.

My Kids...Jackson(3 and 1/2) and Bradely 17mos.  Are always keen to get out and really look forward to shovelling!!  I hope that keeps up.  My wife Heather is the keenest and will even go out by herself to perfect the elusive "Hockey-Stop"!  (Our late night game of shinny will guarantee that she wont be showing her legs for a while...pucks leave marks...ooops sorry sweety...y'gotta be carefull skating in front of the net.)

We love the rink and hope it keeps up till mid - March...could be a possibility here in St. John's...then again...ANYTHING is a possibility in St. John's.  Great site howard...keep your stick on the ice."

Great job and thanks for the pics Jason.  



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