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Mark Coon's Backyard Rink 2002/03
Rochester, NY  USA

January 2003

Mark writes: 
"This is our second year attempting a back yard rink here in Rochester,
NY.  Last year was a disaster (mild weather, plus I learned how
important it was to be delicate with the liner)!  

This year has been awesome though!  We put up the 20'x25' frame and liner on New Years Day. I struggled at first to get it frozen.  It has snowed just about every day since then with a cumulative total of 3 feet.  The snow insulated the water from freezing much, and I couldn't get out on the ice to remove the snow.  After about a week we had solid ice and it's been
great since.  

The frame is built with 2x6s and I used a surveyor's level to level it up all around.  The ice depth varies from about 3" to 12". I also built a PVC "re-surfacer" with only $18 worth of parts from Home Depot and man does it do the trick!!!  

The kids have gotten a lot of use out of the rink and it is lit at night by floodlights attached to the garage and deck.  The nearby garage serves as a shelter "between periods."

Keep blowing that frigid Canadian air down our way.  We love it!"

We will do our best Mark.  Great job and thanks for the tips and the pic.



Last Updated on May 2, 2003