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Mike Glutek's Backyard Rink 2004/05
Brandon, Manitoba  Canada

January 2005
45' x 45'

Mike writes: 

"This is my first crack at building a rink. I live in Brandon, Manitoba where the winters are nice and cold so I thought I would try my first one without going plastic underneath. It took a little work to get the bottom layer started as I think I started too early as we didnt get alot of snow until the middle of December, but the temperatures soon got down to -25C to -30C at night and it did not take long to build up some layers. The first skate was on December 15. There has been lots of snow since then.

My daughter Megan is trying out her skates for the first time ever. I think she likes the chair better right now. It was a little hard to get out in January with a 2 week cold snap of about -35C (not including windchill -45C to -50C).

My final rink size ended up being around 45X45 with just snow borders. This might have been a little big for my first one but it worked out pretty good. I iced down the snow borders a bit to try and keep some pucks inside the rink. It worked alright. I also built an ice flooder and and a resurfacing tool out of copper pipe to help flood the rink. Anyways, I learned alot of your site, keep up the good work. Maybe next year I will try boards and plastic."

Those are some nice rink building temps Mike. Lucky you. Thanks for the pic.



Last Updated on Dec 30, 2005