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Randy Hanskat's Backyard Rink 2004/05
Park City, Utah  USA

February 2005
50' x 150'

Randy writes: 

"These are pictures of my backyard rink. It is located in Park City, Utah on a pond just down the street from our house. The rink size is 50 feet by 150 feet. I have been doing it myself with a sump pump put down through a hole drilled with an ice fishing auger. The pond ice is 18 inches thick away from the rink and is now roughly 24 inches where I have been flooding.

This is my first year doing it, because I wanted to introduce my kids to the pond/backyard ice action I grew up with in Detroit, Michigan. It has been trial and error, what with frozen hoses, shorts in the sump pump, etc. Also, as this is a ski town, we get tons of snow, so avoiding the thermal effect of a snowfall is a challenge.

These photos were taken on February 25, 2005 in the morning. We used it again this past Saturday morning, March 5, but warm temperatures are spelling the end of the season.

Your site has been a great help with tips. One that I have is this -- get fabric hoses (the kind used for wildfire fighting and such). They are so much easier to roll up, handle, and store. And if you get all the water out of them, they are basically freeze proof. If you do use them, also concoct a PVC pipe holder to give the end of the hose some stiffness and to keep your hands dry.

Next year, I plan on adding lights.

See ya on the ice."

Nice job Randy. Thanks for the pic.



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