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My 1999 Backyard Rink

    This year was a disaster!!  I decided to use plastic again this year and everything started out pretty good.  We got some snow just before Christmas, and on January 1st I formed out the snow (there was about 18" on the ground), layed the plastic (20'x50') in the rink "bed" and let the water run for about 7 hours.  I ended up with 9" of water in the deepest end and 3" in the shallowest end.  I thought that with regular waterings the 3" would end up being 4" very soon.  Foolish me.

    The next two nights were pretty cold, -15 Celcius (5 F) so the ice completely froze.  I was kind of busy so I decided to let it sit a few more days before skating on it just to be sure the ice was really solid.  Well that's when the rain started, and it didn't stop until the rink was about half melted.  All of the snow melted too of course.  So my "snow border", which supports the plastic to form the "bed", was gone and the water simply ran off the ice.  This is why a wooden frame it the best way to go.  Anyway, the rain started again a few days later and didn't stop until my rink was completely melted.

    I left the plastic on the ground for 2 months, just in case we got enough snow to try again, but it was not to be.  This winter brought with it very little snow.  We actually had more in the month of April than we had in January, February and March.  This was the first time in seven years I didn't get to skate on a rink in my back yard.   Hopefully I will have better luck next year.

    However, I did take some pictures of the rink during construction.  I thought these pictures might show how the snow 'bed', I used to use, is supposed to look.

    Here are the pictures of 1999's rink:

1999 Rink
The shallow end.

1999 Rink
The deep end.

1999 Rink
20' x 45'


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