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My 2002 Backyard Rink

   I started early again this year.  I constructed the wooden frame in the last week of November with the hopes again this year on flooding around the middle of December.  But this year was worse than last for low temps. I flooded on New Years Eve again but the temps didn't drop real low so we had to wait until Hockey Day In Canada (Jan 5, 2002) for our first skate.  Brad and Stephanie had a skate around lunch time and Brad had some friends over for a game in the afternoon.

I decided to not put in a center ice "dot" this year because I was afraid that a few days skating might be ruined (with the sun heating up the red circle), but we got so much rain we the rink finally started to melt that it wouldn't have mattered.  I will put one in during the 2003 season.

I had a leak this year because I was a little careless with some boards I used at the deep end of the rink.  One had a crack in it and ripped the liner. Another lesson learned.

All in all this years rink was a success.  In other words we got many hours of skating in and lots of fun. It lasted about 6 weeks. For more details on this years rink, visit my 2002 Rink Journal.

Here are some pictures of 2002's rink:

Hockey Day In Canada
2002 Rink

2002 Rink

Hockey Day In Canada
2002 Rink
20' x 47'


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