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My 2004 Backyard Rink

   This years rink was late getting started. But we finally had our first skate on Jan 6.

   I am going to have a hard decision to make next year regarding the blue liner. I am conviced that both the "milder than normal" temps and the blue liner contributed to my problems (soft ice that wouldn't hold water) and I think if one of these problems were removed I wouldn't have had the problems I had towards the end. My theory is that the blue liner drew enough heat from the sun to create gaps at the sides and ends and probably in under the liner. Then when I would apply a medium flood in -5C temps some of the water would run off and I would be left with "shell ice". Most of our nighttime temps this year were in the -5C range so there wasn't a lot I could do to fix this. Plus the sun seemed to be present more often and it seemed stronger than normal in late February. If I decide to keep the blue liner next year, I think during initial flooding stage I will fill the liner with snow to help keep the liner hidden. This wasn't a problem in other years because the temps were so low the ice would turn white...but not this year. There were places I could see right through the ice to the liner.

   All in all it wasn't too bad of a year. We did get lots of skating in and managed to have some friends over as well.

For more details on this years rink, visit my 2004 Rink Journal.

Here are some pictures of 2004's rink:

2004 Rink
18' x 45'

2004 Rink


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