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My 2008 Backyard Rink

This December has been one of the coldest I can remember. We had about 3 major snow storms (snowblowed out the rink area after each one) and lots of -10C temps. I didn't trust that the cold temps would stick around and I was wrong. I should have started my rink in Dec this year. Only one change to my rink this year...I have a brand new liner from NiceRink and can't wait to use it.

We didn't use this year's rink very much. But when we did, the ice was very good, and it was very good right from the first skate to the last one. I attribute this to the really nice liner from NiceRink. It didn't leak and it's white color helped as well. Also we had many nights with -10 C temps.

Up and down temps and a lot of snow has made this year's rink difficult to maintain. Throw in the fact that Brad no longer wants to use it, plus Stephanie is on the ice at the rink so much that she can't get out when it is nice to skate, and I am starting to wonder about doing a rink next year. Will have to wait and see.

For more details on this years rink, visit my 2008 Rink Journal.

Here is a picture of 2008's rink:

2008 Rink


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