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Backyard Rink Pictures / Contest 2003

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This season's (2003) winner was James Boisvert's Rink
Congratulations James and thanks to everyone that sent in a picture.

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2003 Rinks

Dan Costantini's Rink

Stéphane Kirouac's Rink

Mike Dunlap's Rink

Jim Rapp's Rink

Louis Francescutti's Rink

Richie Sware's Rink

John Hoyt's Rink

The Alexander's Rink

Paul Lambert's Rink

Jay Labelle's Rink

Trent Buhler's Rink

Scott Marshall's Rink

Michael Kerr's Rink

Don Rypien's Rink

Robert More's Rink

Alan and Katie Ladd's Rink

Robert Black's Rink

Matt Stayman's Rink

Gerry Buzzell Jr.'s Rink

Ed Robertson's Rink

Mark Wale's Rink

Greg Toth's Rink

Chip Stickney's Rink

Mark Coon's Rink

Steve Kloos' Rink

Kevin Renouf's Rink

Joe Piserchia's Rink

Gregory Akeson's Rink

James Boisvert's Rink  (2003 Winner)

Kevin Hobbs' Rink

Robert Wittmann's Rink

Mark Meighen's Rink

Craig Matheson's Rink

Scott Murray's Rink

Blair Power's Rink

Peter Wheeland's Rink

Dan Olson's Rink

Larry Garrah's Rink

Kenneth Campbell's Rink

Chris Eitel's Rink

Mark Widerman's Rink

Jay Perrotte's Rink

Dan and Lisa Kaminski's Rink

Darryl Bowen's Rink

Hugh Woodward's Rink

Ed Rendell's Rink

Ciaran & Katrina O'Neill's Rink

Adam McClelland's Rink

John Batiuk's Rink

Eric Zetterholm's Rink

Paul Dawson's Rink

Todd Leahey's Rink

David Hale's Rink

The Ilchena's Rink

Dave Aspinwall's Rink

Bob Kaschak's Rink

Greg Trinier's Rink

Doug Lyons' Rink

Murray Berting's Rink

The McPhail Family's Rink

Will Davies' Rink

Rob Brown's Rink

The Vergeer Family's Rink

The Doirons Family's Rink

Jason Thistle's Rink

Jim Torrance's Rink

G. Kovalik's Rink

Greg Gollan's Rink

Gerald Manning's Rink

Ron Sabin's Rink

Donald MacKinnon's Rink

Jerry Fraeyman's Rink

Tim Smith's Rink (Instructions)

Mrs. Alex Linnen's Rink

Rick Gore's Rink

John Cope's Rink

Scott Cunningham's Rink

Randy White's Rink

Robert Dolan's Rink

Mike's Rink

Kevin Currie's Rink

Michael Ainsworth's Rink

The Sparkes Family's Rink

Todd Dolinski's Rink

Mark Miller's Rink

John Baizana's Rink

Tim Choate's Rink

Bruce Brierley's Rink

The Chambers Family's Rink

Tom Endresz's Rink

Paul Marrocco's Rink