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Backyard Rink Pictures / Contest 2004

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This season's (2004) winner was Dave Seoane's Rink
Congratulations Dave and thanks to everyone that sent in a picture.

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2004 Rinks

Doug Heinrich's Rink

Ron Blouw's Rink

Kirby Stone's Rink

Paul Foote's Rink

Dave Seoane's Rink  (2004 Winner)

Carey Boldenow's Rink

Fred Greenslade's Rink

Dan Niswonger's Rink

Rick Nanan's Rink

Brian Hart's Rink

Mike Letorney's Rink

Adam's Rink

Ray Keating's Rink

Bob and Michael LeDuc's Rink

Barry Fallowfield's Rink

Chris Coady's Rink

Bill Scott's Rink

Jay Labelle's Rink

Serge Gray's Rink

William Bour's Rink

Steve Tamas' Rink

Scott Marshall's Rink

Jody and Derek's Rink

Denny Kreibich's Rink

Tom Arduini's Rink

Steve DeYoung's Rink

Mark Rossignol's Rink

Alicia Mercer's Rink

Dave Howley's Rink

Jeff Hans' Rink

The Alexander's Rink

Adam McClelland's Rink

Eric Otterness's Rink

Denis Moreau's Rink

Ed Rendell's Rink

Mark Yowan's Rink

Dan Costantini's Rink

Denis Paradis' Rink

Greg Edwards' Rink

Dan Pierre's Rink

Mark and Dana Greenlaw's Rink

Frank & Abbie's Rink

James Rankin's Rink

Dan Ward's Rink

Chris Schneider's Rink

Robert Piercey's Rink

Cliff Leshchyshyn's Rink

Andre Besso's Rink

Guy Gallant's Rink

Steve's Rink


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