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Backyard Rink Pictures / Contest 2005

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This season's (2005) winner was Marc Demers's Rink
Congratulations Marc and thanks to everyone that sent in a picture.

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2005 Rinks

Jerome Sidley's Rink

Dan Mellon's Rink

Paul Lambert's Rink

Frank Power's Rink

Jeff Hutt's Rink

Brian Joyce's Rink

Doug Kane's Rink

John Bychok's Rink

Robert Black's Rink

Matthew Fletcher's Rink

Paul Gladding's Rink

John Hoyt's Rink

Roman Jewula's Rink

David Horrocks' Rink

Jason Sisson's Rink

Joe Kelly's Rink

Howie Baker's Rink

Michael Shaw's Rink

John Cormier's Rink

Peter Kriz's Rink

Conor and Daniel Monchek's Rink

John Brown's Rink

Fred Greenslade's Rink

Randy Hanskat's Rink

Vinny Gavigan's Rink

The Alexander's Rink

Andre Besso's Rink

Joe Dejong's Rink

Dave DeNardis's Rink

Dan Costantini's Rink

The Wade's Rink

Dan Hayes' Rink

Barry Fallowfield's Rink

Jason Thistle's Rink

Gene Brown's Rink

Mark Coon's Rink

Ian Dobson's Rink

Greg Toth's Rink

Marc Demers' Rink (2005 winner)

Steve Tamas' Rink

Chris Roy's Rink

Tom Arduini's Rink

Pat Coutts's Rink

Mike Glutek's Rink

Steve Green's Rink

Chris Amell's Rink

Rich Grenier's Rink

Steve Hughson's Rink

Dallas Green's Rink

Mark Kuhne's Rink


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