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Steve Green's Backyard Rink 2004/05
Waterloo, ON  Canada

February 2005
18' x 40'

Steve writes: 

"The rink is 18' x 40' and is 12" deep away from house. These pictures were taken in Early February 2005.

This is a true, from scratch urban backyard rink, as you can see from the close quarters. A smallish, sloping yard along with my design criterion of "EASY-UP, EASY-DOWN, EASY-STORE" made this an interesting project. Assembly time: less than 90 minutes. Breakdown (after drainage) will be much faster.

The retention walls (1" x 12" x 8') interlock with 20 flying buttresses which store in a large shopping bag. The walls/supports are held in place by water pressure, so no screws, nails, support stakes or assembly tools are required. The only mods to the raw walls are holes for wire retainers. They therefore store flat. To prevent glaciation, I anchored each support base with an 8" nail into the ground. A plain, large white tarp retains the water.

The center ice circle is comprised of 10 identical, overlapping 28" arcs. I cut the arcs from 14" x 28" card stock (craft store) using a home made radial cutting tool (razor blade) with fulcrum radii at 33" and 36" to make each arc segment 3" wide. The ring is 6 feet in diameter. The "G" is yellow construction paper.

I picked up a lot of valuable tips from your website last winter, thanks. I hope this gives something back. I can provide the full buttress design if desired."

Interesting plan of attack Steve. Thanks for the pic.



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