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Tom Luhman's Backyard Rink 2007/08
Northfield, Minnesota  USA

Dec, 2007
36' x 46'


Tom writes:

"This year is the second year of our backyard rink. Last year I went "old school" by just hanging outside at night during the bitter temps in late January holding sprinkler on bare ground to make the rink. After about 4 days and nights I had a good surface.

This year went much better. During the late summer I had my kids paint up some boards so we could have a nicer rink. The rink is 36' x 46'.

We assembled the boards just in mid-November. To our luck the forecast called for freezing temps during the last week of November. My wife and I put down the white tarp (under the boards) and tightened a rope through the eyelits and brought the tarp up around the outside of the board because I was afraid that the tarp would be ruined during shoveling. I'm hoping to get a few uses out of this tarp.

On November 27th we placed the garden hose in rink and began filling. I pulled an all-nighter. I fell asleep in front of the TV and awoke in the early hours of the morning to find that one side of my tarp had fallen down and lost much of my water, not to mention the mulch in my wifes flower garden. I fixed the problem and refilled the rink.

We were skating on a solid 4 inches of ice on November 30th. We had a slight thaw just prior to Christmas but all has been well since.

Happy Backyard Rinking."

Nice rink Tom. Thanks for the pictures.


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