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Tracy Puckering's Backyard Rink 2007/08

Dec, 2007
50' x 50'


Tracy writes:

"Our rink is 50 feet X 50 feet. It is located in our backyard. It has boards all the way around it this year as in the past years we have had not boards, then boards on the 2 ends, now for the past two years we have accumulated enough wood to build boards all the way around. The construction of our rink starts by first acquiring plastic. Since we live close to Sheridan nurseries we asked them if they had any leftover plastic from when they cover up their plants in the winter and the answer we got was yes. But unfortunately the plastic wasn’t wide enough to cover the whole rink so we then asked the local school if we could use their gym to cut and tape the plastic to the right size. After we got the plastic cut we could then lay it down. This year we had a new strategy to building this rink. It was to lay down the plastic first and put the boards over top of it as in the past years we have put the plastic over the first two flights of wood but this got the plastic all cut up from shovelling so we needed to use new plastic every year. It was a bold strategy but it indeed payed off!! The next step after the boards were all put up was to put the lights up. This year we have 4 lights opposing to the previous year where we only had 2. The rinks was now ready to be filled up. After 4 days of endless flooding the rink was now ready to be skated on as you can see in the one picture was our ready to skate on rink. One of the new things we threw in this year was a door at the one end so that you could open the door to shovel off snow easier and go and get those pucks that you have shot over. I think the thing that made our rink the best this year was the purchase of the resurfacer, it puts a nice smooth layer on your rink and makes it like NHL material."

A very nice rink Tracy. Thanks for the pictures.


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