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Tyler Thompson's Backyard Rink 2007/08
Flossmoor, IL  USA

Feb, 2008
41' x 52'


Tyler writes:

"My name is Tyler Thompson, I live 35 miles south of Chicago. This is the first year I built our rink. I started by taking a Bobcat to the back yard and moving 20" of soil from one side of the yard to the low end. 4 pallets of sod later we started building. The rink measures 41' wide X 52' long. I used a clear 6 m liner (I ordered a 3 year supply roll 45' X 160' from a greenhouse supplier).

I built the frame out of 2X8 thru 2X12 material, laid the liner down, filled w/ water, stapled liner to the frame, let freeze, then I screwed my boards to the frame and filled more, now my liner is completely protected from puck, shovels and skates. The pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago (Feb. 17th. or so.) The boards range from 16", 24" and 42". There is a net on the goal side, 2000 w of construction lights for night skates and games. We started skating on and off from the first week or so in Dec. Other than a complete thaw we had in early Feb/late Jan. We have been skating all winter. It has been alot of work but it has paid off having rink quality ice, teaching my 2 yr old daughter to skate, and my 5 year old daughter to skate and start playing a little hockey as well. My 9 year old son is in his 2 year of playing organized hockey and has enjoyed himself very much out there.

Thank you so much for your web site!! I have spent many hours over the last couple of years toying with the idea of making one. I did and it was well worth every sore back, and shoulders. Thanks again and I look forward to everyone's pictures this year."

This is a very nice rink Tyler. You have caught the bug. Thanks for the pictures.


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