Novice Hockey Team
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# Name Position Position History (Round 2)
27 Bryan Mandville G RD-G-RW-G-RW-G-RD-G

21 Iain MacIntyre C RW(2)-C(5)-LD(2)-C(2)-LW-RW(3)
25 David Tucker RW LW(4)-LD(5)-LW(2)-LD-C(2)-LD(3)
20 Christopher Doyle LD RD(2)-LD(2)-LW(5)-C(2)-RD(3)-LW(3)
17 Tyler Sturge LW RW(2)-C(2)-RW(7)-LD-LW-LD-C(3)
23 William Whelan RD C(2)-RD(9)-RW(3)-RD(3)

6 Bradley Purchase LW RD(2)-RW(2)-C(5)-LD(2)-LWa-C-RW-RD(3)
4 Andrew Howlett RD RW(2)-C(2)-RD(5)-LW(2)-LD(3)-RW(3)
5 Alex Crawley LD C(2)-LW(2)-LD(5)-RW(2)-C(3)-LD(3)
28 Brandon Noseworthy RW LW-LD(3)-RW(5)-RD(2)-LW(3)-C(3)
11 Michael Corcoran C LD(2)-RD(2)-LW(5)-C(2)-RD(3)-LW(3)

13 Ryan Critch RW C(2)-LW(3)-LD(4)-RW(2)-LW(2)-LD-LD(3)
15 Josh Gordon LD LD(2)-C(2)-D(2)-LW(2)-LD(3)-LW(3)
2 Tyler Hynes LW LW(2)-RW(2)-LW(5)-LD(2)-C(3)-RW(3)
3 Ryan Whelan RD RW(2)-RD(4)-C(2)-RD(2)-RW-C(3)
26 Robert Peddle C

First Round Position History